Buying a Home

Working with an agent

Purchasing a home is an emotional decision. Be sure to have a trustworthy, knowledgeable real estate professional on your side. Professional real estate services can be essential to buyers. In most transactions, your agent is paid from the seller’s commission at closing.

A qualified agent can help you answer critical questions like; should you purchase an existing home or new construction? They will also guide you in determining what inspections or warranties are necessary, how much to offer and how does the offered price compare to other homes recently sold. Experienced agents can advise on what repairs should be made post-inspection and also provide guidance in terms of resale value.

Once we have zeroed in on your new home it is time to write an offer. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable agent to negotiate on your behalf can make or break a real estate transaction. Let your agent ask the hard questions and represent your best interests in one of the biggest purchases of your life. Once negotiations are complete and a sales contract is executed you can finalize your mortgage with your chosen lender.

Buying a home is a smart investment

Having reservations about buying a home is normal. The more informed you are about the home buying process the less intimidated you will be, especially with the guidance and direction of an educated and reliable REALTOR®. Feel free to call me to discuss any real estate related matter, even if your not quite ready to buy or sell.

Selling Your Home


Simple improvements can help you get the most value and get your home sell quickly. A knowledgeable agent can ensure you focus on improvements that will make a difference to buyers. Improvements should be made so the property shows well, reflects consumer preferences and does not involve capital investments, the cost of which cannot be recovered from the sale.


Pricing your home right is critical for getting the most for your home and it selling ASAP. A real estate specialist with specialized experience in Bismarck-Mandan can easily prepare a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA). Contact me today for a complimentary, no obligation CMA.


An assertive agent ensures you fully understand the selling process and provides a number of advantages to selling. Local knowledge of home values and expertise in pricing and negotiating are important assets in getting the most for your home and should be key qualities in the agent you hire. 


Getting the best price is also about locating the right buyer. A comprehensive marketing plan, strategic advertising exposure and utilization of a network of local and out-of-town buyers are unmatched resources that I provide to each client.